Different energy and leadership from Cam Newton could lift Patriots

I’ve picked the Patriots to advance to the Super Bowl for multiple reasons. First, they still have coach Bill Belichick, who will take full advantage of all of the various rules arising from the pandemic to get the most of out of this most unusual of seasons and who will provide a steady and determined hand through a ocean of uncertainty and potential chaos.

Second, they have Cam Newton.

Newton, as one source explained it to PFT, “brings a different energy and leadership” than his predecessor, Tom Brady. In large part, it’s because Cam is so much younger than Brady. Also, Cam has a natural energy, leadership, and charisma.

The Patriots, as the source explained it, realize that “[n]o one is going to replace” Brady, but that Cam Newton perhaps comes the closest anyone could.

On Sunday, we’ll find out whether and to what extent it makes a different for the Patriots, who face a Miami team that kept the Patriots from earning a bye last season with a Week 17 upset.